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Emergency Electrical Repairs

Electrician Services for Electrical Emergencies

Did you know that electrical issues are responsible for about one-third of all structure fires? It's crucial not to underestimate electrical hazards. Recognizing when you need emergency assistance is key – if you even suspect a potential danger, it's always best to contact a local emergency electrician. This is where our team at Electrician Near Me Experts LLC comes in. For your safety, enlisting a professional helps avoid risks like electrical shock and fire hazards, while also ensuring that all work complies with code standards. When you choose Electrician Near Me Experts LLC, you're opting for quality emergency services. We don’t just fix the immediate problem; we also check for any other potential hazards to prevent future issues.

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When it comes to the electrical integrity of your home, trust Electrician Near Me Experts LLC. Call 469-790-2019 to set up service.
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What is Considered an Electrical Emergency?

Sometimes, it's not immediately obvious whether you're facing an emergency electrical issue or just a minor inconvenience that can wait for a scheduled service. Issues with wiring, for instance, can escalate into real emergencies. If you're uncertain about the severity of your electrical problem, don't hesitate to give us a call at Electrician Near Me Experts LLC. We're here to help diagnose your situation. Remember, you're not alone in this. We'll guide you through identifying common signs of an electrical emergency. We offer same day electrical service.

Unidentified Burning Smell

Do you have an unidentifiable burning smell in your home? This can be an indicator that your wires are shorting in the walls. These electrical smells in your home are often an indicator of a bigger problem. Our electrical contractors offer same day service in Richardson and surrounding areas. You will have an electrician review the area, identify the source of the electrical smell, and give you options on what you can do to fix it. This will put the power back in your hands and give you the resources you need to keep your home safe.

A Buzzing or Humming Sound in Breaker Box

Generally, a mild humming noise from your breaker box is normal since it's conducting an electrical current. But if you start noticing that the buzzing or humming is progressively getting louder, it's important to take swift action. This could indicate that the circuit breaker is overloaded. An overloaded circuit heats up the wiring, which can potentially lead to a serious fire hazard. Emergency electrical service is needed to address buzzing sounds, that are an indicator of danger.

Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping Repeatedly

There are a few reasons for a circuit breaker to keep tripping, including:

  • The circuit breaker box is going bad

  • A circuit overload the breaker box cannot accommodate

  • A ground fault is occurring, meaning a hot wire is touching the ground

  • An appliance or wire is short-circuiting, meaning the electrical flow has gone outside the intended circuit

Lights Continuously Flicker

If your lights occasionally flicker, it’s possibly a minor problem with your lightbulb or a bad switch. When they persistently flicker this will signal a more substantial problem such as a circuit overload, excess voltage, or loose wiring. These are dangerous and should have an inspection immediately.

Someone Received an Electrical Shock

There are many situations where one can experience electrical shock, such as:

  • Old outlets that are two-prong and therefore have no ground wire as a safety barrier

  • An outlet or switch with loose screws or wiring makes the electrical current unstable

  • Faulty appliances, including frayed wiring or broken cords that shock you when you plug them in

  • Water sources near electricity, or touching outlets with damp hands

Smoke Coming from an Outlet

A common issue with outlets is when debris builds up within. Electricity transfers to the dust and/or dirt, which causes arcing. Arcing creates heat, which is an immediate indicator of an electrical emergency that may start a fire. Other problems that can cause outlets to smoke include wiring issues, loose plug-in connections, and connecting too many devices to one outlet.

Loss of Power

It’s normal to experience loss of power from storms or when everyone on the block loses power due to a problem with the electrical company. But when you’ve paid your monthly bill, and you’re the only one in the vicinity to lose power, it could be a hazardous problem with your breaker box that needs immediate diagnosis. You may need to upgrade your panel and Electrician Near Me Experts can help. We offer electrical service in Plano and surrounding areas with same day service available and price options to help.

Wet Electrical Panel

When water mixes with electricity, there is a high potential for electrocution. Water can get into your electrical panel through an improper seal on the box or soak through older cables of a meter box and through to the panel. If this has been happening for a longer period, corrosion can ruin multiple components of your electrical panel and increase resistance in the circuits causing more heat production, thus also creating a fire hazard. Have an electrical contractor review your panel and ensure your home is safe.

An Electrical Fire Occurred

If a fire is actively burning, you’ll first need to call 911 and get the fire put out immediately. Once there is no longer an immediate threat to your home or family, call your local emergency electrician. We’ll inspect and diagnose the source of the fire before performing repairs and putting preventative measures in place or replacing the system if it has been fully compromised.

How Much Does an Emergency Electrician Cost?

It’s understandable to be hesitant in calling an emergency electrician due to being unsure of the cost. You can, however, rest easy because at Electrician Near Me Experts LLC we pride ourselves on providing quality electrical service at a fair and honest price. We offer transparent upfront pricing with price options. So, you can choose the package best suited for your budget. We also provide financing if needed.

What Makes Up the Cost of An Emergency Electrical Repair?

Multiple components contribute to the cost of hiring an emergency electrician. Here are factors that impact the cost:

  • Time - You can expect your electrician to bill for their time, so you should inquire as to whether the charges are a flat rate or by the hour.

  • Expertise - The experience of your electrician will factor into your pricing – whether they’re an apprentice, journeyman, or master electrician.

  • Parts Required - Replacement parts factor into your cost. Depending on the parts you need, you can anticipate cost better. For example, replacing one faulty wire will cost less than rewiring an entire system.

Is It Safe to Do Your Own Emergency Electrical Repairs?

In some cases, minor electrical repairs may be a DIY project, however, we recommend that you do not DIY. In the case of electrical emergencies, you’re already facing a higher likelihood of electrical fire because something has gone majorly wrong, which makes attempting any repairs yourself a dangerous undertaking.

Why Hire a Highly Trained Electrician to Perform an Electrical Repair, Especially Emergency Ones

To safely repair electrical problems, you’ll want to bring in a trained electrician who has experience handling hazardous issues. Not to mention, a licensed professional will also carry insurance to cover potential mishaps.



Hiring an electrician provides safety measures for your home. Not only in the moment, but also in the long term since an improper repair can lead to safety hazards down the line.


If you’re not familiar with the process for repairing each component of your electrical problem, it’s best to hire someone who does. That experience will be crucial for accurately diagnosing and repairing issues.


Ensuring that the electrician you hire is qualified means they’ll carry licensing to perform the necessary repairs properly and within the strict safety guidelines set by the National Electrical Code (NEC).

Quality Work

When you bring a professional in for electrical repairs, you can have confidence that the finishing results are safe and with Electrician Near Me Experts LLC, you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Knowing that there is an emergency electrician available to help, you’ll have someone onsite quickly so that you’re not nerve racked and anxious trying to fix hazards.

Peace of Mind

Hiring Electrician Near Me Experts LLC electricians means you’re bringing the best of the best into your home. With specialized training backed by industry-leading guarantees, you’ll rest easy.

Emergency Electrical Repair Services We Provide

Whether or not you routinely schedule electrical inspections, sometimes hazardous situations arise unexpectedly. When that happens, you need a team who will arrive promptly, assess thoroughly, and repair efficiently.

Faulty Interior and Exterior Wiring Repair

Ensuring the infrastructure of your home can keep up with the ever-expanding suite of electrical devices is critical to maintaining a safe system that won’t overload. Some of the typical wiring repairs our team conducts include:

  • Hot tub & pool wiring

  • Aluminum wiring

  • Computer wiring

  • Entertainment center wiring

Circuit Breakers

Distributing and managing reliable power access is the core functionality of a circuit breaker. The more devices you add, the more stress your breaker endures. Whether you need a repair or replacement, updated circuit breakers help prevent:

  • Power surges

  • Power interruptions

  • Broken connections

  • Electrical fires

Power Outages and Power Surges

When power surges happen, from weather conditions or a sudden return of power after an outage, there is an abrupt rise in the voltage. Your electrical system is unexpectedly running too much electricity through the wires. This happens when the circuit breaker couldn’t handle the excess electricity, making anything plugged into the electrical system susceptible to burning out.

Electrical Panels Repair

As a complex system, determining the underlying cause of an electrical panel malfunction without a professional electrician is difficult to do. Signs of an electrical panel emergency include:

  • Appliances either not working or not working well

  • Persistently flickering lights

  • Consistently tripping breakers

  • Breaker box crackles or loud buzzing noises


Generator Repair

As a safety measure for power outages that can last days, maintaining a functional generator is incredibly useful. It allows for keeping heat or air conditioning running, using essential appliances, and having lights on when you need them. Whether you have (or want to have) a permanent generator or hookups for a portable generator, you can count on the team of Master Electricians at Electrician Near Me Experts LLC for reliable service.

We Ensure Your Home is Up to Code

One of the most common causes of electrical emergencies is an outdated circuit breaker or wiring. Outdated electrical components can overload your home’s wiring, leading to a tripped breaker (loss of power) or a fire hazard. Regular electrical inspections can prevent these issues; when an electrician from Electrician Near Me Experts LLC visits your home, we’ll inspect your electrical system for any potential hazards or problems. Then, we’ll propose cost-effective and durable solutions for each issue we find. All our work meets the highest industry standards and exceeds the requirements set by local and state codes.


It’s more important than ever to make sure your home is up to code. Households use more electronic devices than in any previous decade, like smartphones, tablets, streaming devices, hi-tech kitchen gadgets, entertainment systems, security systems, and more. With as high of a demand for power as families have now, it makes sense to ensure your home’s electrical is up to the task.

Electrician Available for All Electrical Emergencies. Call Now!

Electrical problems are high-stakes, not least because electrical problems can put your entire home at risk. Electrical issues cause roughly one-third of all structure fires and can endanger your house, your future, and your loved ones. When you’re dealing with an electrical emergency, there’s no time to waste. Our highly qualified electricians provide fast, safe, and durable repairs as soon as you need them.

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Please call or text us at 469-790-2019 for help with any electrical problem you may be having in Plano or the surrounding communities.


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