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Do Circuit Breakers Go Bad?

Updated: Jan 23

Dealing with circuit breaker problems can be a nuisance for any homeowner. Yet, it's important to remember that when a circuit breaker trips or shuts off automatically, it's actually a safety feature, preventing your electrical system from overloading.

However, circuit breakers can malfunction, and it's essential to distinguish between a tripped system and a faulty one. Yes, circuit breakers can go bad like any other home device. A malfunctioning circuit breaker doesn't always mean replacement is needed. A professional technician can inspect and advise the necessary steps to restore proper function.

If you suspect your circuit breaker is faulty, there are signs to watch for:

  1. Identify Protected Circuits: Start by determining what your circuit breaker is protecting. At the electrical panel, check which breaker has tripped and what it controls. Label them if they're not already. If things work fine after resetting, the breaker is likely okay. Otherwise, there could be a more significant issue.

  2. Unplug Overloading Devices: Identify the malfunctioning circuit and what it powers. If overloaded, unplug some devices and reboot the system. If the breaker still fails, you may need an electrician's help.

  3. Listen for a Click: A functioning circuit breaker should click when turned on or off. No click, or if the system turns off immediately after a click, might indicate a short circuit or a bad breaker, requiring professional attention.

Other considerations include immediate tripping of the breaker, which points to a serious issue like a faulty breaker or short circuit. Conversely, if it doesn't trip immediately, it's likely overloaded. Try redistributing electrical loads across different circuits.

Get Electrical Help

It's wise to get a professional electrical inspection for safety and to identify unseen issues. An expert team can inspect and resolve any electrical problems, preventing future damage and expensive repairs. At ENE LLC, we offer the expertise to maintain your electrical system effectively.

For emergency repairs, same-day service, or further information, call us at 469-790-2019 or contact us online.

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